Whistle Blowing

PT. Asuransi Samsung Tugu (Company) aims to operate in discipline environment and qualified in conduct business with accountability and transparency based on the applicable laws and regulations. In maintaining these conditions, Company has Whistleblowing system as facility that provided for whistleblower to report the violations. Types of the violations that can be reported are as follows:

  1. Fraud which includes:
    1. Use Company’s funds or property for any illegal, improper or unethical purposes
    2. Tampering, destroying, and manipulating any Company’s accounting, financial report, or Company’s audit documents
    3. Misrepresentation or false statements to or by senior officer or accountant regarding a matter contained in Company’s financial records or audit report
    4. Any effort to mislead, deceive, manipulate, coerce or fraudulently influence any internal or external accountant or auditor in connection with the preparation, examination, audit, or review of an financial report or record of Company
  2. Corruption, bribery, or blackmail
  3. Criminal offences
  4. Failure to comply with laws and regulations
  5. Endangerment of an individual’s health and safety
  6. Breach of Company’s Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures
  7. Others

Any party who indicates any suspected deviations or violations as mentioned above that occurred within Company’s environment, may report to Company’s Compliance function by filling the form on this page.

Report submission should be enclosed with supporting documents that can be used as proof of deviations or violations.

Company will provides protection to the whistleblower by ensure the confidentiality of whistleblower’s identity and the contents of the submitted report. We also give strict punishment for the party who violates the confidentiality principle.

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